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RISC OS Filebase

Back in service - After a considerable hiatus, the code behind the Filebase has been tweaked to get it up and running once more.
Audio Video (71)
MP3 (18)
Programs to assist with the multimedia experience.

Communications (56)
Chat (13), Network (33), WWW (63)
Everything you need to connect to the world.

Databases (10)
Keep track of all your data

DTP (35)
Whether you are producing a one-off leaflet, or a regular magazine, there is something in this category for you.

Education (16)
Astronomy (19), Chemistry (16), Genealogy (5), Maths (35)
There are a large variety of educational applications available for RISC OS.

Emulators (22)
Emulate other systems and processors.

Engineering (16)
Both mechanical and electrical engineering are catered for in this category.

Filer (75)
Enhancements to the standard filer, offering extra functionality and ease of use.

Financial (11)
Manage your accounts and shares with the softrware here.

Games (95)
Game Patches (48)
For your spare time, have a look at the range of games available.

Graphics (77)
Image convertors (26)
All manner of application to create and manipulate images.

Programming (98)
Editors (12), Libraries (23), Manuals (10), XML (6)
Resources to assist in the creation of your own applications.

Utilities (179)
Anti-virus (1), Compression (16), Encryption-Decryption (13), Patches (7), Time Management (11)
Smaller programs, to make life easier.

Filebase: New Software
New additions to the ANS RISC OS Filebase

TailWimp Lite (v1.0.1)
A utility for rearranging Risc OS Wimp windows using keyboard short cuts, inspired by tiling window mananagers. Andreas Skyman (2021-02-05 07:47)

PDPTube (0.28)
Emulates a PDP-11 coprocessor attached to an Acorn RISC OS computer in the same way that 65Tube emulates a 6502 coprocessor. (2016-07-17 17:58)

ToggleBD (1.07)
Easy access to objects pinned to the backdrop. Fred Graute (2013-11-19 00:34)

Virtual Acorn to RISC OS File Types Translator. (1.00)
Virtual Acorn to RISC OS 'File Type' Translator/Converter. Martin Carradus (2013-09-08 14:56)

Dragon Curve Generator/Generation/Plotter (1.00)
Generates/Plots 'Dragon Curve' caused by multiply folding paper in two, then unfolding it. Martin Carradus (2013-08-25 13:04)

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Filebase: Updated Software
Updated software on the ANS RISC OS Filebase

Draw-to-SVG converter (1.04)
Width and height are added as percentages. Steven Simpson (2019-02-20 19:58)

RiscLua (6.3)
Version 6.3 is syntactically compatible with 5.70. Gavin Wraith (2018-05-31 13:32)

DoubleTake (1.09)
The hold delay has been made configurable. Fred Graute (2016-08-13 12:44)

Z80Tube (1.14)
Emulates a Z80 coprocessor attached to an Acorn RISC OS computer in the same way that 65Tube emulates a 6502 coprocessor. (2016-07-17 18:01)

CashBook (1.36)
Transactions are now numbered, in all windows and reports. The known ZeroPain problems have been fixed, and formatting bugs in reports have been resolved. Steve Fryatt (2016-03-06 09:23)

Updated Software RSS Feed

Welcome to the new ANS RISC OS Filebase site. The new features available are detailed on here, but here's a quick list:

  • Register for access to your own personalisation options (including automatic notification of updates via email)
  • Advanced Search facilities, for help in finding software.
  • More detailed information on software compatibility (once authors update their software entries)
  • Automated link checking ('dead' links will be greyed out)
  • Central Authors listing providing contact details and software lists
  • RSS Feeds for new and updated entries

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